Friday, February 12, 2010

Seriously, Broder touts Palin

I SEE BY TODAY'S Beacon Journal that Fox News is going to have to share its Palin Megaphone with David Broder. In his op-ed column that commands the page with text and Palin photo, Broder tells us that we had better take the Alaskan Avalanche seriously because "the lady is good." Hmmm....

Noting that she is at the "top of her game," Broder goes on and on about her iron-clad populist grasp on Americans that is quite in tune with the "mood of a significant slice of the broader electorate."

At the risk of challenging the octogenarian "dean" of American punditry, I might sneak in the latest national polls that despite her flood of media attention show her topping out in the lowest third of the public's fond embrace. Broder, in his own dull way, has been sliding to the right in recent years. He has even been outed for paid appearances before corporate groups - some in the free-spending health-care field - the sort of thing that he once criticized as a conflict of interest with others.

His longtime reputation as a neutral observer should at least carry an asterisk that he has now swung over to lucrative corporate-style journalism. You'd think that small admission would at least slide him down to the lower half of op-ed pages.


Terry said...

Broder has long ago gone off the rails. I blame the Beltway water system... it seems the only logical explanation for the current collective delusions of the Washington punditocracy -- led by the likes of their Delusional Dean, Broder.

Grumpy Abe said...

Terry, there is indeed a logical, if repugnant, explanation. It's called the checks you receive as a corporate dinner speaker when you give your hosts the conservative line. There are great pots of gold lying around these days and that is where the stars come out to shine.