Friday, February 26, 2010

Nevada Governor: No sex in 15 years!

SHOULD WE FEEL a tad sorry for Jim Gibbons, the 65-year-old Republican governor of Nevada who is relying on his preexisting condition as a defense against alleged sexual assault involving a Las Vegas cocktail waitress? Gibbons insisted in a deposition that he hasn't had sex for 15 years. He apparently assumes that medical science and health insurance companies will take note of his self-imposed abstinence as "living proof that you can survive without sex for that long." Gibbons. who is going through a divorce while running for reelection , is accused of groping a lady friend after hours of drinking at a restaurant . He said he was merely trying to help her get into the car. But nothing seems to be working for him these days. The poor guy has a 10 pct. approval rating by Nevada voters.

Nevada? Isn't that the state represented by Republican Sen. John Ensign, who has confessed to an affair with a campaign staffer? And we might as well add: both of these guys are preachy family values pols. But Gibbons is a remarkable quick-study. After he was accused of sexual assault, he asserted: "...I learned an important lesson, never to offer a helping hand to anybody ever again." From now on, Jim, just open the car door, and get out of the way.

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