Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boehner's failures in his attacks on the stimulus

WHAT'S THAT? John Boehner, that forever-dour House Minority Leader, is telling us that the stimulus bill is a whopping "failure"? You'd think that with new evidence of its success being reported these days , he would suspend his own whining opposition that seems to have begun on the day after George Bush left office.

You need only to look at some of the reports on the internet to realize that Boehner isn't a one-day wonder in leading the opposition to its lowly position in the public surveys.(Even below the befuddled congressonal Democrats.) If nothing else, he is icily consistent, having once called the stimulus plan "the worst idea ever." Here is what we should consider from the reports referring to Boehner's own words:

Sept. 29, 2008: The stimulus failed "because of Pelosi's partisan speech".

Jan. 27, 2009: "Boehner to GOP: Vote against stimulus".

July 9, 2009: "GOP declares stimulus a failure".

Aug. 31, 2009: Gingrich and Boehner declare the stimulus a "failure".

Feb. 17, 2010: The American people want Obama to "pivot to stopping the j0b-killing agenda."

Now here's a couple of paragraphs in David Leonhardt's Economic Scene in the New York Times (Ok, so we're quoting from a socialist newspaper, right?):
"Just look at the outside evaluations of the stimulus. Perhaps the best-known economic research firms are IHS Global Insight, Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody's They all estimate that the bill has added 1.6 million to 1.8 million jobs so far and that its ultimate impact will be roughly 2.5 million jobs. The Congressional Budget Office, an independent agency, considers these estimates to be conservative."
Oh? So who are you going to believe? Some impersonal research companies with strange names, or a politically inspired sidewalk economist with a household name like Boehner who simply wants to do what's best for his day job?

As the gurus often tell us: I report. You decide.

(P.S. The only job it appears to have killed is Evan Bayh's. And that was voluntary, for God's

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