Friday, February 5, 2010

McCain can't - or won't - get it right

SHALL WE HAVE a moment of silence for John McCain, who is exhibiting troubling signs of erratic mental behavior in his frequent appearances on Fox News and in the Senate? McCain's latest lapse into the unknown occurred in an interview with Greta Van Susteren in which he again complained that the Christmas bomber had purchased a one-way ticket to Detroit without raising security concerns. He said the same thing at an earlier Senate committee hearing. When he was corrected on that point by a counterterrorism official who said it was a round-trip ticket, he berated the witness, questioning whether he was trying to defend the terrorist. Beset by bitterness and the wear and tear of a long political career and his captivity as a POW, McCain cannot rise to a minimum level of credibility these days. There is,however, a darkly humorous side to the story: A McCain aide explained away his lapses by saying he is focussed on "bigger things". That calls for TWO moments of silence.


A salute to the two University of Akron scientists whose research contributed to a study reporting that some dinosaurs had feathers and stripes. The credits go to assistant biology professor Dr. Matthew Shawkey and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Liliana D'Alba. Lamentably, some dinosaurs without stripes and feathers were left out of the evolutionary process and wound up in the U.S. Senate.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I must turn to Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby who has placed a "blanket hold" on more than 70 Obama Administration appointees until the Pentagon acts quickly on awarding his state a particular military contract. Some will say that Shelby is merely doing his job for his state; I would say he has again defined "political chutzpah." Welcome to the make-believe world of national unity.


PJJinOregon said...

McCain was too Republican to win the Presidency, and now he's not Republican enough to win re-election to the Senate. He's staring at the end of his political career on the eastern horizon and he's unwilling to walk into the sunset on the western horizon. Losing a job you love does strange things to your sense of direction.

Terry said...

"Chutzpah" is putting it too mildly! "Brazen corruption" is more like it. And the mainstream press will let him get away with it, just as they tried to do with Baucus' corrupt quid pro quo vote sale with health insurance "reform." Disgusting, and until the voters revolt against the revolting, this will only get worse.