Thursday, February 25, 2010

May she now rest in peace...

A THOUGHT passed along to me from an obit in a Chicago weekly newspaper as the writer thanked the deceased's friends:
"The immediate family of Dolores would like to express its sincere gratitude to all the dear friends and extended family members who sent cards, visited Dolores and/or offered words of encouragement to the immediate family. Thank you! And finally, to all those people who vowed to 'Keep in Touch' and failed to's too late now."

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Anonymous said...

I love that obit. I want that for me. Here is a comment by one of her friends:I have eliminated names to protect her privacy.

"What a beautiful service you gave to at Church. She was the epitome of a lady, yet had a wry sense of humor. I'll never forget her two favorite sayings: "No way, Jose" and "Right on, Charlie". She always made me smile. I always teased her about getting out "early" from the 8:00 mass around 10:00, but most of all, I'll miss her welcoming me to school each morning when she was going to mass by calling across the parking lot. She never missed a beat. I loved that lady.