Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rev. Pat crazily falls from a cliff

WHEN PAT ROBERTSON asserts that Haiti's tragedy is God's punishment for the stricken country's "pact to the devil," it is not only brutally insensitive but a clear sign that the Rev. Pat is undeniably unbalanced. Sadly, he has a support group that will agree with his gibberish.

UPDATE: THIS MADMAN PREACHER IS NOW SAYING ON THE 700 CLUB THAT THE EARTHQUAKE COULD BE A "BLESSING IN DISGUISE." How's that? Well, he says, it destroyed all of the shanties so that new buildings will now be able to replace them. Why do I stress all of this about this so-called Christian creature? Robertson needs to suffer the wrath and ridicule, not of his Maker, but of the civilized world that must condemn him and his kind. Either that, or send him off to an asylum.


Anonymous said...

Rush has gotten into the act with his recent comment that the U.S. has already contributed to help with income taxes.

Mencken said...

Robertson built his case saying Haiti was so poor because of their French influence, while their neighbors the Dominicans were prosperous and healthy.

Someone needs to remind him that just blocks from our nation's capital is some of the worst poverty in the country.

Robertson's such a douche. Parlez-vous Francais Pat?

Grumpy Abe said...

Alas, these are the modern versions of those villains in the silent movies.