Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blankfein engaged in "God's work"

I HAVE THE FEELING that God has never been busier than He is today in taking care of the nation's business. His schedule was further burdened by Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs who defended his company's modus operandi by insisting that Goldman Sachs was doing "God's work." Such heavenly labors included selling off securities with the thought that they would depreciate in value. Which they did. Boom.

According to the New York Times, Blankfein did concede that as a "market maker" Goldman Sachs was engaged in improper business and has reason to "regret and apologize..." Some, on the other hand, would simply call it plundering.

Blankfein's reference to his company's divine guidance followed closely upon Sarah Palin's gratefulness that God had led her to a great job at Fox News. Right. God and Roger
Ailes, whoever comes first over at the studio.


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