Friday, January 22, 2010

Limbaugh has a special place for tampons

I ALWAYS TELL myself to ignore Rush Limbaugh. But I am weak. For me it is those times when I try to avoid stepping on the seams in a sidewalk but step on them anyway. But with Rush, there are so many more opportunities for me to weaken. Of late it's his bombastic attempts to ridicule President Obama and others who are engaged in helping the victims of Haiti. No surprise there. With the day approaching when he will find a way to link Obama to selling steroids to Mark McGwire, Rushbo has now been bleating about former President Clinton's work on aid to Haiti, reminding all who care to listen that, "You can't even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of AIDS." This from a fearless big-spending addict who returned from Venezuela with Viagra.

Don't go. There's more. To a woman listener who criticized him, he retorted that such woman callers "have tampons in their ears."Ha. Ha. Athough our supply was nearly exhausted in 2009, we still have a Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) award on hand to post one for him. That might help a little in alerting folks to where he has turned and lowered his neck to place his head.


Anonymous said...

Abe, it is easy to not listen to this bombastic blowhard. Just reach over and either turn the station to another channel or just plain old turn it off. Simple! BTW, this is coming from a Republican.

Grumpy Abe said...

I don't listen to him on the airwaves. I keep bumping into him surfing the Internet. And as I pointed out, I am weak. But thanks for trying.

PJJinOregon said...

Doesn't Rush smoke cigars? Maybe Freud was wrong. With Rushbo, a cigar is never, ever a cigar. Chew on that a while, Rushbo.

To Anonymous: Thanks for commenting. I've been concerned that Republicans with critical thinking skills had been drowned in tea last fall. I'm relieved to know that the gene pool has not been drained.

Mencken said...

Actually Rush was returning from the Dominican Republic, which is one of the leading sex tourist destinations in the world, along with having a brisk child prostitution trade.

But hey, let's not criticize the Free Market.

Grumpy Abe said...

Good catch. Your point is well-taken. Thanks.