Friday, January 1, 2010

GOP's field announcer "in good hands"

NEW YEAR'S NOTE: Are those 40 Republican "No" senators now relieved that
Rush Limbaugh's Cadillac health care coverage provided him the best possible chance for full recovery? As Limbaugh's back-up, Walter Williams , told his audience: Rush is resting comfortably and "in good hands".


Anonymous said...

10 posts and a total of three comments? It must suck to write a blog and not have anybody read it.

I was at the local bookstore and did not see any copies of Moosey. Still haven't been able to get it published??

What a shame.

Grumpy Abe said...

Are you out of work or what? How else can I respond to someone who sits around with so much down time on your hands that they must count a blog's comments to keep busy. ( By the way, what's a person with your mentality doing hanging out at a bookstore?

Anonymous said...

Abe, it's your blog. Although I do disagree with quite a bit on your issue status I do skim over it to see if there are items I can chew on. And once in a while I chew my fill.
It could also be some useless individual on the 3rd floor of Canal Place who has nothing better to do with party money than waste it away.

marvkatz said...

Interesting that the providers of Rushbo's "Cadillac" health care coverage, and "the greatest care in the world," as he called it, haven't been able to determine the cause of his chest pains.