Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kasich-Taylor. McCain-Palin?

IS OHIO facing a redux of the McCain-Palin ticket? That could be one explanation of the arrival of State Auditor Mary Taylor, a Summit Countian, as John Kasich's running mate on the Republican side of the scrum with Gov. Ted Strickland. Surely there must have been some thought given along GOP Row to the prospects for a shopworn former Wall Streeter and Ohio congressman to make it all the way to the governor's office by himself this year. So Taylor, a photogenic politician who would represent relative youth and vitality to the ticket, would take up the slack. Besides both are the strongest advocates of the party's core values, not the least of which is the cut-taxes thing.

Among those on the GOP side who must be delighted by the tandem is Summit County Republican chairman Alex Arshinkoff, who has been among those nurturing Taylor's political career and is now positioned for a hometown role in a state election. (He has also been working for Kasich.) But a reasonable question persists in all of this: If the party down in Columbus is so high on Taylor, why didn't they persuade her to run at the top of the ticket, instead of seeking reelection as auditor before now?

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I've been told that a certain ranter on WNIR has been damning the Akron-Summit County Public Library for seeking a 1.4 mill levy, arguing that his taxes shouldn't pay for another's use of computers at the place and that, after all, the library is little more than a hangout for the homeless. As one who just enjoyed the benefits of the bright new facility's special collections department, I would suggest that the schlock show host go down there some time, look around, ask some questions from an always helpful staff and even read a book - or have somebody read it to him.


Anonymous said...

Arshinkoff is currently circulating petitions for Tammy O'Brien for Secretary of State to nullify the challenge of Sandy O'Brien against Jon Husted.

Sandy O'Brien never voted for Bob Taft's tax increases like Husted did so the Husted camp is scared to death of a Sandy O'Brien primary.

Pretty pathetic huh?

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Everytime Alex dips his hand into things, they fail. Remember when he tried to play the name game with the Slabys? The result?? One lost to Dezso and one lost to Williams. Remember the time he recruited 5 "indepdendent" women with hypenated names to run for Clerk of Courts? What happened there? Thats right, voters saw right through it, Widowfield lost and a severely underqualified Carano won. If any republican wants to win statewide, they best stay away from Alex Arshinkoff