Monday, September 7, 2009

Florida Chairman Greer in slow retreat

JIM GREER HAS been blindsided by President Obama's speech to school children. If you don't already know, Greer is the bloated chairman of the Florida Republican Party who last week was ripping the yet undelivered speech on grounds that it would promote a socialistic message to kids and should be banned from the schools. Even after he read the text, Greer retreated no more than an inch or two. He told CNN on Monday that although Obama said all of the right things, Greer was satisfied that the protest had had an effect on the text. The chairman (!) concluded that the text had been changed in response to the outcries against the unread original. Did he have proof that the text had been altered? the interviewer asked him. "No," Greer conceded. He had no proof, only suspicion because Obama wants to run the schools. As for me, I suspect that Greer is an imbecilic pol.

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PJJinOregon said...

Maybe Adam Smith's invisible hand not only guides markets but also Obama's speech writers. Markets are down, so the hand finds something that's up. Works for me.