Sunday, September 6, 2009

Falls riverfront project: impressive & tax worthy

WE READ with interest the big spread in Sunday's Beacon Journal about the impressive riverfront project in Cuyahoga Falls that will be an important amenity in the city's quality of life. For this, Mayor Don Robert should take a deserved bow. But before his head strikes his shoes, I believe he should host another Tea Party at the riverfront pavilion to remind his anti-tax friends that the handsome project is costing $1.8 million, with $640, 000 coming from the state, i.e., your taxes and mine. Without taxes there would be no riverfront showpiece in the Falls, no reason for the mayor to take a bow and no reason for the anti-tax crowd to rant. Trouble is, too many politicians won't admit how taxes - and only taxes - often make them look good.

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Anonymous said...

Don Robart and his fellow Tea Party goers(Tim Grendell, Frank LaRose, et al.) will continue to practice varied degrees of outright hypocrisy without even a hint of shame. However, Robart occupies a position as being the worst of the worst with his hypocritical statements on government that defy his actions.