Sunday, September 27, 2009

Auditing Beethoven and City Hall credit cards

A COUPLE OF SPARKLERS from the area media:

The theatre critic of the weekly West Side Leader led off his review of the Cleveland Play House production of Beethoven, As I Once Knew Him, with the following tourist info:
"Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827) remains one of the premiere composers of what we now call classical music."
Classical, huh? That should clear up the most enduring mystery of what Ludwig was all about!

The front-page headline of the Akron Beacon Journal told the reader, New audit of Akron's paperwork says receipts are lacking. That reference to City Hall mischief sent me quickly to the the Community section, where a much larger headline boomed, Auditor cites mayor's receipts, above the story that was accompanied by photos of Republican State Auditor Mary Taylor and Democratic Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic. The story noted that Taylor advised City Hall to start adding receipts to credit card purchases, which amounted to $11,272 in 2008. Fair enough. More grist for the mayor's critics. But if you followed the story to an inside page you also found this paragraph:
"The 2008 audit contained no findings for recovery, and gave Akron an 'unqualified' opinion, which is the highest possible opinion and indicates there were no significant problems."
I have a hunch that the auditor's report is well within Plusquellic's comfort zone, no matter the headlines.


fargo said...

I am certain Warner Mendenhall only read the headline. Remember, Mendenhall claimed to have people inside the Auditors office who told him that Akrons books were a mess. I am certain that it pained Mary Taylor to report nothing noteworthy in her audit...I wonder if Mendenhall thinks Taylor is in Plusquellics hip pocket with everyone else.

Mencken said...

Sadly, the Beethoven review only spiraled downward after the opening paragraph, much like fate twirling its wet tongue in the reader's ear in the language we now call "English".