Monday, September 22, 2008

Ordinary car owners

NEWSWEEK is reporting that John McCain and his wife Cindy own 13 cars, which seems like an extravagant burden even for a beer company heiress in view of the cost of gas  and an occasional new muffler these days.  Still, in fairness to the McCains, the number becomes more realistic when you consider their fleet serves their seven homes.  Folks, simple math will tell you that it averages to only two cars per household.  I can match that with a 15-year-old station wagon and eight-year-old sedan in my (or my auto service) garage.  That would please President Bush, who has been promoting America as an ownership society.  So to their whining critics, the McCains should not hesitate to remind them  of the foundation of the American economy:   The fundamentals of ownership are clearly on their side.   

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Ben said...

I am glad to see Newsweek going after the hard hitting subjects! What is next, something about a trival subject like the Annenberg Challenge or something?