Saturday, September 13, 2008

Geritol to the rescue

Talk about whining, Mr. Gramm!   Should we not have moved beyond the point in which Sarah's critics are repeatedly being accused of sexism?.  Are we now to believe, as Palin and her apologists do, that she is protected from the slings and arrows of a presidential campaign because, simply stated, she is a woman?  That, of itself, is a sexist notion and would demean any woman running for the second highest office of the land by suggesting that she is... um... an inseparable but unequal candidate.  She's in the major league now, and can expect the pitchers to throw as hard against a rookie as a seasoned veteran. 

If her defenders are looking for sexism, they should begin with the biggest sexist ploy in the campaign so far:  the cynical decision to make her McCain's fresh supply of Geritol without thoroughly checking the label. In other words, she was used,   regardless of her command of national issues, for temporary relief from his anemic campaign image.    McCain had teased reporters by saying that he would pick the person most qualified  to serve in the office.   Oh?     Well, not really. Bottom line:  For whatever her deficiencies, she was on board strictly because she was a tigerish woman.   Among other carry-on baggage that she brought to the airport was her demonstrated support of a secessionist movement in Alaska, the Alaska Independence Party, founded by Joe Vogler, an angry Alaskan.  Vogler once said this (as quoted in the Los Angeles Times: 

       "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government...And I won't be buried under their damn flag."

         Earlier this year, Palin, as governor, was happy to tell the AIP convention:  "Keep up the good work."

        I wonder how well that will play in Peoria; that is, if the folks hear about it at all.  

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