Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The fallout up front

AN EMAIL arrived this morning from a reader that narrowed the gravely stricken economy to a single voice that clearly defines the human fallout from the official guesswork, debates and costly high level thievery of our once plentiful resources.

To quote, in part:

             You have no idea the level of despair among the workers in our factory. 
             Our 401Ks have taken a huge beating this year, which is bad enough.  Our
             sales department failed to make its goal this quarter and we  are in the process of 
             cutting  overtime for non-salaried employes.  For most of them that is a loss
             of income of $200 a paycheck.  Our outside vendors are begging for work and 
             we have nothing to give them.  

              There are real faces on this crisis and I see them every day.   Let us hope Obama
              wins and do everything we can to make that happen.   BUT...then he must govern
              and help us find a way out of this mess.  We are in deep shit right now.  People are        
              struggling that I personally know.  We need FDR.  Let's hope his ghost is still

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