Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heard from Cheney's Cave

I guess I should feel a lot better now that Sean Hannity has given an A-plus to the  U.S economy and dissed all those poor souls who believe  our health-care system needs some help.  I should, but I can't. In the generation Before Fox (BF), Hannity would have been a perfect Ed Norton on the Jackie Gleason Honeymooners show and could play Norton in a sequel.   Sean is silly enough to make you feel uneasy about the human race , but  paid  enough to give hope to any comedian who has been out of work for more than 26 weeks.  

Well, the Barracuda bared her teeth to Charlie Gibson and declared that we might very well have to go to war with Russia.  That's not an idea that we hear about very often, but Palin is living up to her mission to enliven the McCain campaign from Cheney's Cave.     McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, has defended the plan to keep Palin under wraps and now we know why.   He says they will only let her talk to reporters who treat her with "deference".  And bring presents for all of the children?  He may get away with it.  The national media are still trying  to recover from being housebroken during the Bush years.  

A final item for today's grumpy diary: As a long time political journalist, I would have gagged at the thought of making any reference to the National Enquirer.  So when a  reader sent me the latest awful stuff about Palin's kids that appeared in the tabloid, I checked out the National Enquirer on the Internet to see whether the story actually appeared in the paper.  It did.  

Inasmuch as the same tabloid outed John Edwards, to the delight of the peekaboo crowd  and his opponents in that other party, it will be interesting to see whether this bit of keyhole reporting will make it to the mainstream  press and airwaves.  


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