Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Claghorn Gambit

Grumpy thoughts from last night's "spiritual awakening", a.k.a. Republican convention: 

Why did Senator Beauregard Claghorn, of Allen's Alley radio fame, come to mind when another  Fred,  this one Thompson,   bullied and blustered his way through a southern-fried  good 'ol boy speech to the delegates?    This was the same star on the horizon once designated by the media as the can't-miss candidate du jour in  the Republican primaries.  Acting experience, a firm grasp of the party's right wing social agenda, tall and masculine.  Didn't happen.  Fortunately  for his side, he didn't quote Claghorn's memorable line:  "It's a joke, son."....Joe Lieberman's paean to McCain added to the confusion.  He called himself a Democrat.  He WAS a Democrat before he called himself  an Independent before he called himself a Democrat last night.  He said God created only one John McCain, but it appears God may also have hedged his bets with Lieberman and created at least two or three...When George Bush showed up on the satellite I was sure he would announce the invasion of Easter Island to change the talk from the Bush years.  Thanks, prez.  Another war we don't need.    .  


Henry said...

Abe, Allen's Alley? One has to be at least 70 to get your reference but it's apt. Looks like this blog thing is keeping you off the street.

Anonymous said...

Henry is wrong. I am 40, and I got the Allen's Alley reference right away. Of course, I watch old shows all the time, as do many of my friends. We love Grumpy Abe!!!