Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Schlafly: time to take ball and glove from amigos

Phyllis Schlafly, a rigbt-wing writer who has been tormenting Democracy  for more than a half-century, has offered a plan that goes well beyond Donald Trump's promised wall to keep out illegal aliens.  With the ragged arguments so common from  her class, she wants to force all Major League baseball teams to use only  American-born players.

Holy Roberto Clemente!  She said what?

Yep, ALL foreign players, illegal or not.

"The best baseball players today," she argues,  "are American -born." And they are taking jobs away from  American athletes. .

So much for Albert Pujols,(Dominican),  a three-time National League MVP, or such superstars as Rod Carew(Panamanian), Tony Oliva (Cuban) and Juan Marichal (a 243 game-winning pitcher  from the Dominican Republic)

Not good enough to dissuade Schlafly from being a fool  in print.   As she says: "Some of these players cannot speak  English and they did not rise through the  ranks of Little League."

She should have been kinder to herself  by expressing herself in ancient Urdu dialect explaining the infield fly rule.

P.S.About the wall we've been hearing so much about from some Republican  candidates.  Might not it be worth a try to replace the scheme with a thousand border collies?

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