Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Christie's ugly farewell

Did you happen tot see Chris Christie's sullen expression as he stepped aside for Donald Trump's triumphant paean to himself as the Super Tuesday winner?  It was the face of a fallen star.  Having endorsed Trump, he was finished.

The conservative New Hampshire Union Leader had already withdrawn  its endorsement of the New Jersey governor,  saying it had grievously erred.  Six Gannett newspapers in his home state called for him to resign or otherwise be recalled.

Christie made everything worse in his introduction of Trump by saying the guy was uniting the nation, honest! Given the excess of political oratory, Christie still topped the field  of make-believers.  For a contentious, sassy  guy known for taking no prisoners, he had impressed the media,which is always scavenging for rising stars,  as a solid straight-talking politician with plenty of popular appeal.

Last night, however, he had the look of an abject  politician whose entire stock had crashed.

Good riddance.


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