Thursday, March 3, 2016

Much to link Trump and Kasich

Here they come!  The riderless cavalry puffing across the political landscape to rescue the besieged Republican Establishment from the deathly grip of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

But even, as it now appears,  they mainly want to stop a vulgar Donald  Trump, have they given too little thought to the other  three?  Have you heard Cruz and and Rubio?  Oh, and John Kasich, the alleged moderate who has been presenting himself, as have another pol or two, as the only adult in the room?

And what would the electorate gain from him?  On most critical issues, there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Blue Collar Ohioan - and the worldly billionaire, to wit:

 Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal , delays on Scalia successor, women, boots on the ground and bombers in the air against ISIS and  narcissistic self-approval  for having answers to every problem in the Universe .  (When Kasich doesn't want to answer a thorny question, he simply walks away from the media;  Trump has critics ushered from the hall).

Back in his  own state there's more about Kasich.  Do moderates attack Planned Parenthood, public unions,  cutbacks on funds to cities and schools to balance a budget that the Constitution requires him to do anyway?

Let me tell you about the state of public education on Kasich's watch.  It will sound like a boast but I must mention it to illustrate his standing with public  school teachers.  When I wrote a recent column on the Washington Post giving education an F grade in Ohio it drew more than 6,000 reader recommendations on Plunderbund.  I was as startled as anybody, but it was explained to me that it reflected "how much the teachers hate Kasich in this state".

Oh, police and firefighter's  have produced a video recalling how Kasich called a cop an "idiot" after a traffic stop.

In anther instance of bravado, he brusquely warned that anybody who tried to challenge his policies  would be run over by the bus.  That was before central-casting experts reinvented him  in the  presidential campaign  as a Sesame Street good guy with a soft smile and a Bible with the Lord at his back.

If he shows any claim beyond his own to winning the GOP nomination, it's certain you'll be hearing more about these things from his rivals.  Moderate, hell!

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