Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kasich: Quid pro quo, are you kidding me?

Aside to Marco Rubio:  Sorry that you didn't earn  a quid pro quo when you asked Gov. Kasich to return your  favor of urging Ohioans  to vote for Kasich to stop Donald Trump.   In his demonic bid to fill in an inside straight at the poker table,  the Ohioan  rejected a plea from Rubio's forces to do the same in the Florida senator's  home state.

Kasich's response:  "If I've got supporters somewhere the country, and I'm on the ballot, they kind of ought  to vote for me.  I mean, what kind of deal would it be if  I told my people, don't vote for me?" .

Marco, the governor has been boastfully telling people to pay attention to how we do things in Ohio. I "kind of ought "  to believe that you understood whatever it was the blue collar candidate  was trying to say.  

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