Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When a student talks, shouldn't Scarborough pay attention?

 Although many important  voices have been raised against the University of Akron's messy implosion, none should have more impact than the lament  of a student.

President Scarborough, meet Grant Morgan.

Without Grant Morgan and all of the other students who set foot on the campus hoping for a decent education of choice,  you wouldn't have a job.

I've never met Morgan, only through his words in a  letter a few days ago in the Beacon Journal.

The line that stood out beyond all of Scarborough's PowerPoint, pulpeteering, metrics  and assurances that the sun will again rise on the campus was Morgan's no-frills statement:

"Reading about UA's plight is painful; experiencing it is even more so. I sincerely  hope other students are not in the same dilemma of being mandated  to take courses, then denied the opportunity to take them."

The letter recounted his own problems of attempting to enroll in a course offered only once, late at night,  that interfered with his off-campus  outside work schedule.

He noted that during registration as a student he quickly felt the impact of a school with  "too little faculty, too many adjuncts and too little care for either."

Mr. Scarborough, there you have the entire issue wrapped up in the experience of  a student whose tuition is helping  to pay for your costly  upkeep.  What are you going to do about it? After all, even you refer to it as a " university"   and all that the word  should  promise  to a student!  

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