Thursday, November 5, 2015

Morning Joe "characterizes" Ben Carson

Joe Scarborough says  Ben Carson has "character".

It's another glance at Morning Joe's's "severe  cognitive collapse" described by Daily Kos.  Character has several meanings, most of them positive, which is  how the MSNBC  morning host used it.

So now, is it fair to ask whether that measure of character  may be applied to  Carson, who is currently on a book-signing tour with a secondary  notion that he will be the president someday?

The retired neurosurgeon, whose  self-satisfied  smile and  hypnotic talking points are so  beguiling his audiences,  says  Obamacare is the "worst" thing that has happened to America since slavery.  That will send the country's  preeminent  thinkers  back to the history books for a second opinion.

 Remember 9/11,  the Great Depression, Dubya and in Texas, at least, the Alamo? (Sarah Palin would have been right up there, too, but mercifully didn't win.)

And, Joe, how about Carson's insistence  that the Egyptologists  got it all wrong,  the great pyramids were only convenient grain silos.

Or: Jews would have vanquished the Nazis if they all had guns.   And that Americans  should all have guns to defend their homes  against Islamic militants.

Hey, Joe, you've been wrong before.  You've now ranted  that the  problem with TV networks is that they've all  excluded conservatives.   But as Daily Kos recently pointed out, Fox TV's  Chris Wallace once hosted  NBC's  Meet the Press and former Nixon press aide  Diana Sawyer was an ABC news anchor.    There have been others.

Scarborough may not be satisfied until Rush Limbaugh has his own morning show on CBS.   And we all know that Joe himself is a former Florida Republican congressman. Some of us believe Rushbo is a character, too.

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