Tuesday, November 10, 2015

That cup: Starbucks at the gates of hell?

Time out from the   perilous unsettled issues of the world for a vicarious scandal of  Biblical proportion:

We refer,  of course, to the hoopla in  religious quarters over the new  Starbucks cup that has been accused of being a sinful denial of Christmas.  Some folks, including Bill O'Reilly,  have been crying out that we moderns are generating a pagan war on Christmas.  And now Starbucks, no pushover in the java business, has  presented its millions of customers a coffee cup with all of the Christmas symbols removed.

As Larry David exclaimed on Saturday Night Live in his brilliant impression of Bernie Sanders:  "We're doomed!"

Evangelical broadcaster  Joshua Feuerstein  went so far as to declare that Starbucks "hates Jesus".  That should tell you how far piety has gotten out of hand in our alleged pluralistic society.

I will leave Starbucks' decision up to the company that made it.  But war on Christmas, people?  If you walk the long indoor lanes at Summit Mall and other retailing giants,  you can't miss all of the new seasonal  kiosks already aimed at sending you home with an item for the holidays.

And there are lit Christmas trees, holiday music, swags, and a place where the kids can meet Santa any day now. All of this, mind you,  seven weeks before the Big Day.

So to the Christian critics of Starbucks new cups, I can only say be careful not to trip over the stray tinsel along the way. .


Ron said...

Yeah, this one is even more ridiculous than the other victimization ploys our Christian Taliban uses to get attention. For these folks, it’s pointless to spend any time on logic. But they might want to ask when snowmen and candy canes became their sacred symbols.

And if you go into any Starbucks, you can still do all of your Christmas shopping among the holiday bling. By the way, I was in Starbucks yesterday and enjoyed a cup of their Christmas Blend. Seems a bit early but, hey, ’tis the season.

Unknown said...

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dlscruggs said...

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