Sunday, November 8, 2015

A letter from Louise Harvey, friend of University of Akron

You are receiving this message because I think you may be concerned
about the direction of The University of Akron.

Under President Scott Scarborough and the Board of Trustees, 
questionable decisions have been made regarding hiring, job 
eliminations, contracts, budget and program changes, to name a few. A 
faculty survey showed 71% of the faculty lacked confidence in the 
President's ability to lead and participate in shared governance. Alumni 
and friends have begun withholding financial support.  The future of 
E.J. Thomas Hall is at risk.  The very identity of the university is 
threatened with renaming it "Ohio Polytechnic University."  The 
administration and Board of Trustees react to all concerns by denying 
they are problematic asserting that the questions "will go away."

If you share my opposition to what is happening, please take action.  
For more information go to the website of the AAUP and learn in depth 
what has been done:  Talk with your friends and family.

Send an email to the Board of Trustees
to President Scott Scarborough
to Vice President Larry Burns         
to the Alumni Office
to the Development Office

Or write to the Board of Trustees mailing address:  Board of Trustees, 
The University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325-4705. 

Or write a letter to the editor of either the Akron Beacon Journal or the Plain Dealer.

Let your voice be heard.

Finally, forward this email to others you think care about The 
University of Akron.  It has been built into a great research and 
teaching institution, and it is now at risk.

Friend of The University of Akron, 
Louise Harvey
(Louise Harvey is president of the University of Akron Women's Committee)

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