Sunday, August 30, 2015

The olive jar saga now explained

The full back channel story on that pricey olive jar in the UA president's house may now be told.  This marketing scrap reportedly was found in the center of the devalued UA baseball diamond.
There are several theories about its mission.  But my hunch is that President Scarborough had hoped to move it to the proposed pearly entrance to the campus  as a profitable scheme selling olives to help reduce the school's debt.   We don't see that it  is a perfect fit for a polytechnical U, but  a lot of strange things are happening under the new regime.

Don't laugh.  I have the original on my desk and hope to cash in the business-like sales pitch  myself with a forceful proposal to the board of trustees.    As Carmine Sabatini defended his business style in The Freshman:

"Scam?...Scam!? This is an ugly word - this scam.  This is business.  If you want to be in business.  This is what you do."

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