Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scarborough catches up with 'vital' UA Press.

  If you are having as much trouble as I am  following the bouncing ball at the U of Akron, it's not getting any easier.

Just today, for example, Scott Scarborough, the school's relatively new prez, expressed his delight in informing us that the UA Press and all of its moving parts will be reinstated in its  original profile.

In a prepared statement quoted by the BJ, Scarborough said , "The University of Akron Press has been and will continue to be a vital part of the academic mission  of this institution."

As you are doubtless aware by now, the Press' tiny  staff  was axed and it's work was transferred to the understaffed University library as a victim of the  hunt-and-peck budget cuts to eliminate  millions in debt.

But Scarborough now describes the UA Press as a a "vital part" of the school  - which, of course, it was before it was stripped and shipped to other campus quarters.

In another sloppy  initiative during the front office's on-the-job training, the leadership must have learned that in its new venue, the downgraded UA Press  lacked the basic vital requirements to be a valid university press.

So in the clouds of higher education, it seems fair to ask why Team Scarborough, which includes the politically appointed servile  Board of Trustees, wasn't  sensitive to the fallout from what it was doing to the "vital part,"  which my dictionary defines as"essential; indispensable; very important".

Considering the numerous times that UA's deep thinkers have now retreated on their  batch of mindless moves,  would it  be asking too much to keep all of them after school for remedial studies  until further notice?

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