Sunday, August 30, 2015

At least they didn't ask about the candidates' favorite newspaper

Although I recall interviewing a politician or two over these many years, I don't remember ever asking any candidate to identify his or her choice of a quarterback on a college football team.  That distinction, however,  appeared in the Beacon Journal today. It  was a vibrant clue to Ohio State University's dominance over the minds of Ohio sports fans to the dismay of the Akron U Zippies and other grid mediocrities..

So the question to Akron Democratic mayoral candidates Dan Horrigan and Mike Williams, if I'm keeping you breathless,  was their choice of an OSU quarterback this year.   It's one of the few things they agree on:  Cardale Jones.  Who knew?

I learned to be indifferent to college football as the alum of the University of Illinois and earlier, Pitt, as both made a habit of losing.

Want to know how bad it is with the Illini?  Within days of the team's season opener with Kent State,  the front office fired the head coach this week.  Why?  Sorry, I didn't read past the first paragraph.

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