Tuesday, August 25, 2015

UA woes now in national spotlight

As I have been saying...

The incalculable mess at the University of Akron has now painfully gone national.  The Huffington Post, a leading national online site, has published a column referring to the video produced  by an anonymous  group that mockingly titled the piece "Graduates over Greed". Many on-liners have seen it.

 The story is told by puppets  with bags over their heads, which in my view  precisely describes Team Scarborough and his imported cronies as well as  the  Board of Trustees.

And yes, in ridiculing the free spenders on President Scarborough's newly renovated house, the video specifically notes the $556 olive jar and a $838 makeup chair. It even posted a photo, shown here, of the school's "Fear the Roo" whimper.

Folks, it is 2015 and the internet, which has crowded the wilting mainstream media for readers, has little mercy for screw-ups on the scale of the widely, widely, widely reported  saga at UA.   There was a time when these unsightly events could have been contained to the home turf by a friendly hometown paper, but no more.

So for the foreseeable future, UA's attempt to rebrand itself into - what? - must settle for being a magnet for ridicule. And  we're not limiting that to the football team.  It is usually hard for an institution to gain respect, but ever so easy to lose it. Not much that  Scarborough, said to be a religious man enjoying the prosperity Gospel,  can do about damage control now.


Ron said...

The U of A has always been about getting national attention — not academic quality — so the efforts of Scarborough and the Board are peaking right now. Even the sports slogan, “Fear the Roo,” was stolen from the university of Maryland (“Fear the Turtle”), another institution with a lame mascot.

By the way, when you Google “Ohio’s polytechnic university,” the related ads include: Ohio Technical College, which trains auto mechanics and welders; DeVry University, an online school, and Capella U — not exactly the Ivy Leagues.

So it looks like Akron Poly State Tech has a new group of competitors. Let’s hope the Roo adds a truck driving school, just to keep up with its peers.


Anonymous said...

What's sad is the fact that the university has a lot of top programs. Their nursing school has a 3 year wait list, law school can compete with the best of them and as far as sports soccer is nationally ranked and proven. This just is the tip of the ice burg. Unfortunately Scarborough is destroying all of this and demeaning all the hard work that went into building these top notch programs. Lrts also not forget that it is also the board of trustees that are letting him get away with all of this. They all need to go.
Building service worker at the university of akron.