Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Revere attacks charters' huge red schoolhouse.

We should all be enormously grateful that the five-member  Revere Board of Education is taking the charter schools issue directly to Gov. Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly.    Joining other charter critics, the Board unanimously passed a resolution signaling its deep concern about the threat to public education by the charter behemoth that is cutting into state revenues with the billion-dollar  tax supported private charter industry in Ohio.

Evidence abounds for the indictment of the charters,. The board called for the end of the proliferation of  charter schools, certainly including the under-performing ones .   One figure noted by the board is sufficient to tell the story:  The state sends to Revere $398 for each  student.  a charter school receives $6,099  for each Revere equivalent.

Although there have been  more or less pantomimed moves by the governor and lawmakers for greater charter accountability, I wouldn't rely on the outcomes. For happier results, the Revere Board  must attach a check to the governor 's or lawmaker's treasury along with the resolution.

That's  how the charters  grew, and grew,  and grew... right out of the White Hat owners playbook.

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