Sunday, May 24, 2015

GOP hawks playing Selfie, Selfie in their mirror on the wall

As we headed into  Memorial Day to honor the dead of our countless wars,  the mournful  moment -  if we stepped back from the patio grills  and mall sales counters to  think about it -  didn't discourage those prominent  Republican Rambos who  crazily called for America to send another 10,000 troops to Iraq, some of whom would be remembered next year among the dead.

It 's largely a guy thing in which nothing of conscience will shut them up. After all, Barack Obama is still the president and didn't he mess up foreign policy to  create ISIS when he wasn't screwing up everything else for the country?  Seasonly adjusted, they awkwardly towed their ideas into the public arena, often self-conflicted.

Well, no he didn't.

But ever since Obama moved into the office, his Republican critics, particularly the garden variety presidential candidates, have desperately tried to scandalize him.  Regarding the Middle East nightmare,  he was their  only safe  option  for disgraced failure  since the record will show that George W. Bush was  the perp who was one of them with Dick Cheney at his side. .

So now as we look ahead to the 2016 plague,  chest-pounding Rambos like Sen. Lindsey Graham, the impossible dreamer, is reaching for a  higher altitude by asserting: "I believe
I'm the best qualified of anybody on our side of the aisle to offer an alternative to a failed  foreign policy of Barack Obama."

 As evidence of his godly insights, he proposed sending 10,000 troops to Iraq and Syria.

 Next came Rick Santorum, who declared: "There isn't anybody else considering running for president that has the experience that I have."  We could only take that silly thought to mean his experience in forever running for president. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Meantime, the Columbus Dispatch reported that its probable candidate of choice,
Gov. Kasich, backed away from the troops issue, saying he wouldn't have supported the Bush invasion  "KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW NOW" for God's sake. (He's still waiting for word from God on his next move.)

Dubya based his rationale for the war on weapons of mass destruction.   Not much mention of that now, unless the GOPers decide to hold their first  presidential debate in
Baghdad, themselves appearing as living and breathing WMDs aimed at America.

(P.S. Other than those 10,000 troops, not one of the Rambos has expressed a clue to how to carry out their plans.)

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