Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dispatch's Kasich boom-boom machine without a brake pedal.

If anybody needed any further evidence that the Columbus Dispatch  is committed to sending Gov. Kasich to the White House,   a single day's effort the  past week captured the spirit of the paper's cravings.   The paper ran six items about their candidate in one political package.

The items ran from his hiring a "veteran political pollster,"  to tapping a veteran  New Hampshire pollster as his state director.  He also was seen building toward a presidential run and  qualifying for the Fox News debate in Cleveland, whose DeMille bloated cast of candidates was headed by five - five! - frontrunners , each with a thundering  10 percent rating.  Kasich  had 2 percent in the same poll, at this point still good enough to be included in the group.

But with so many other GOP bounty hunters still unannounced, Kasich could come in as number 12 or  15 and be out of contention.

For now, there are some risks involved in the Dispatch's game plan:  Can a newspaper peak too soon?

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