Monday, September 22, 2014

The TV networks: What climate change protests?

The herd mentality of the Sunday morning TV news panels was remarkably affirmed again as the networks shamefully chose to ignore the massive climate change demonstrations in  New York City and around the globe.  As Media Matters and other sources reported, except for one "stray reference" to it on ABC's This Week, the major networks decided to dismiss it from its Sunday news panel agenda as  more  than 300,000 folks demonstrated in Manhattan against the toxic plague affecting our air and water.  Wanna bet that if John McCain had  somehow entered the picture, he would have been the preferred panelist on all of the talkie programs?


Anonymous said...

Newspapers gave it short shrift also. I see the ABJ, and the Dispatch, and Enquirer, and Daily News, all mentioned it Monday, but the Plain Dealer steadfastly refuses. It's probably way too much to expect an article on the only problem the planet faces, the one problem from which all others stem, overpopulation. That would be over-intellectualization for them, eh? People are special anyway.

Joe Hill said...

It comes as no surprise that the MSM ignored the largest environmental protest in the history of our country. To cover it in any meaningful way would have exposed the true nature of our climate crisis. It's not about carbon but about capitalism and it's destruction of the 'commons" and the insistence that profit always trumps people.