Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kasich brings message from God to Cuyahoga Falls

Now that Gov. Kasich has assured us that God  has given him a purpose "to allow everyone to be lifted", there really isn't much of a safe passage left for his opponents through Election Day. There, in his campaign stop in Cuyahoga Falls, the governor defined his burning bush moment to the delight of his immediately uplifted audience.

More and more these days, Republican politicians are invoking their personal messages from God to save the country, the state and more importantly their precious jobs. Had they not heard from their Maker, they doubtless would have had to settle for a dull but lucrative life buried in hedge funds.

I do wonder, however, whether God actually told him to  reward college students  with credits  for volunteering to help oldies.  It would be, he said, a vital learning experience for the kids to hear about WWII from the seniors.  My guess is that they would rather hear about ways to get out from under their student loans.

The governor was joined by Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor.  She told reporters Kasich should be credited for creating jobs.  Not the least of which was hers.  

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