Monday, September 15, 2014

Another dull moment in life of Mama Grizzly

That must have been some bloody brawl Saturday night in Anchorage, Alaska  that involved Sarah Palin's family-values people and inebriated guests at a birthday party.  Although the accounts differ (they always do when drunks are involved)  about 20 people got so involved that Sarah's husband and First Dude, Todd, wound up with a bloodied face and her son Track suffered several cracked  ribs.

Question: Where was Mama Grizzly when her side was under attack?

By the way, John McCain's former runningmate has just launched her  own TV news channel out of Houston, Texas, the Sarah Palin Channel.  Its homepage urges: "Together, let's live life  vibrantly, purposefully and boldly."   Do you think that maybe the Saturday night  fracas was a dress rehearsal to promote that theme?

(Aside to McCain:  How could you?)

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