Thursday, September 4, 2014

Steelers & Browns:It's that time

And so, as we near the beginning of another pro football season I can't resist my soulful cause that will be another irritant to the readers of Grumpy Abe.

The Steelers, I mean.  But as a black-and-gold collar kid who grew up "over there", what am I to do?   After all, some of my best friends are Browns fans.

This season,   the opening matchup between the Browns and my team on Sunday will offer a much heralded special attraction, a rookie named J. Football, who was introduced to the sports world hereabouts  as the next Otto Graham. While teams have long experimented with different formations depending on the game situation, the Browns will be showing us the two-quarterback attack on the hated Steelers.

Will it pay off?  I'm merely a lowly fan, not an expert.  As wishy-washy editorial writers love to say, it bears watching.  Check with me on Monday.

There.   Must now get back to the lesser concerns of the human race before I say something that I'll regret.  So let's leave it at, GO STEELERS!

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