Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Will Summit GOP be blowing out Kasich's candles in May?

Although we are approaching spring (sort of) ,  the Summit County Republican Party has yet to schedule its traditional Lincoln (!) Day Dinner.  A voice at  party headquarters says a date could be confirmed in the next two months.  That could put it in the merry month of May, a month that claims the birthdays of George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Catherine the Great, Pope John Paul II and Malcolm X, but, alas, not Lincoln.

The Pope John Paul II Day dinner?  I don't think so, even if the Republicans are never disposed to separate  church and state. There's one other May birthday celeb that I didn't mention.  Yep, Gov. Kasich, one of Chairman Arshinkoff's favorites.    Think the guv will  come aboard as the  featured speaker at a gated  Kasich Day Dinner?   The idea is intriguing, and could explain the delay. It could produce a lot of pre-paying customers, which is the idea behind the whole event anyway.  As you may have heard, it's an election year!

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