Monday, March 24, 2014

On the Pluto sports section, Limbaugh books and the return of Mitt.

While I'm still thinking about it...

The Sunday Plain Dealer sports section continues to trend toward a leather-bound volume of Terry Pluto's cascading stuff, which whelms even sports fans like me. The latest featured works boldly covered the equivalent of at least four (!)  full pages ranging widely and inclusively across the sports universe.  (My scanned guess is that it didn't cover pickleball.  But that may be next if the Browns find a quarterback while picking through the ranks of the latest national rage.)

I did happen to see  a piece by sports columnist Bill Livingston on Page 6  with a powered endorsement of Jim Tressel  as the president-in-waiting of the University of Akron. Livingston thought it would be great to have the former Ohio State University football coach on hand  as a motivational pole star with cash-ready corporate donors.   But as with so much talk of Tressel's magnetic abilities,  no one has yet taken a breath to put in a word about the importance of book-learning as the basis of academic achievement.

* * * * *

Speaking of books,  did you see that  Rush Limbaugh's latest book, "Rush Revere. etc." is now No. 5 on the New York Times children's best-seller list?    It confirms my long-held belief that Rushbo has a special knack for appealing to childish interests.

* * * * *

As the search continued for the missing Malaysian aircraft, the TV networks were beside themselves to find something new to say when there wasn't anything new to say.   They showed the same photos and  interviewed every aviation expert but a descendant of the Wright brothers over and over with "breaking news"  about the tragedy.  The  repetitive motion reminded us of the search for a needle in the haystack while it seemed the real uanswered question will remain,  how did the needle get into the haystack?

* * * * *

Finally, there  was Mitt Romney on CBS  violating past residential courtesy by piling on Barack Obama's  "naivete"  and, he was sure, lack of leadership in  foreign policy that  could have   deterred the Russian takeover of  Crimea.  By that measure, Mitt was certain that he possessed the clairvoyance that would have worked everything out just fine.  To which we respond:  "Hey, Mitt.  The election's history.   You lost.  Get over it."

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Marv Katz said...

Speaking of a needle in a haystack in connection with the search for the Malaysian airliner, one of the Australian search officials said at a presser this evening that they were NOT searching for the needle; they were still trying to define the haystack.