Thursday, March 20, 2014

GOP congressional candidate describes source of tornadoes

I'm feeling even  more relieved today after retreating from my  brief conversion to the Republican Party in hopes of receiving the many upscale benefits not available to me as a liberal Democrat.  Call it the Susanne Atanus moment of awakening.

She's the winner of the Cook County (Chicago) Republican congressional primary by a handful of votes after insisting that abortion  and same-sex marriage  were the sources of autism, dementia and tornadoes. (She didn't mention the hapless Cubs.)  Who knew?  I didn't.

Atanus was so off the reservation that even Republican leaders urged her to withdraw from the race.  But how could she as she wanted the voters to know that "God is angry" and was punishing them for their misbehavior. She was, of course, playing the old Pat Robertson card.  In this instance, she was also quite fortunate, edging a primary opponent who was accused of domestic violence against a girlfriend and ordered by a court to attend anger management classes  while undergoing mental health testing.

It would be my luck as a Republican that I would be  seated next to her on the plane to the GOP convention as she urged me to repent.

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