Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sometimes tragedies do vanish in thin air

The search for  Malaysian Airlines Fight 370 has revived references to unsolved mysteries  about the fate of others who have literally vanished in thin air.

The Washington Post began a report on the disappearing plane by recalling  another:
"A plane disappears without a trace.  Advanced technology proves unable to explain the mystery.  Conspiracy theories fly.  The world awaits the fate of an aircraft that went down in a vast, open ocean.
 Sound like the saga of Malaysian Airlines  Flight 370?  Yes - but two accident investigators are still debating the fate of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra, which disappeared during her failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937."

There's also a mysterious airborne event with Akron roots that sent Howard Tolley to the archives.  Tolley, a retired Goodyear public relations representative,  refers to a Goodyear blimp built for the Navy. This one occurred  in August, 1942. Here's his cameo report:
"The ship with a two-man crew was on anti-submarine patrol during that summer of World War II operating from its San Francisco Treasure Island base.  Hours later the blimp drifted ashore along the coast and came to rest in the hills of Daly City, Ca., with no one on board.  The pilots were never found and it remains  an unsolved mystery to this day."

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