Monday, February 25, 2013

There ought not to be some laws

Thanks to SALON for gathering up some of the latest gibberish from Republican lawmakers across the country.  It's only when we  see their offerings stacked in a series that we know how far up into the trees they've  climbed. We now have further  evidence that there's an odd  collection of creatures  somewhere up there in the rain forest that grows more crowded each day.

Here is SALON'S  notice that Bobby Jindal's S.O.S to his party to stop being stupid isn't working - not even close:

1. Let corporations vote! - - Montana State Rep. Steve Lavin's bill to let corporations vote in local elections via their chosen company representatives. (Corporations, as Mitt Romney once explained to us, are people , too.)

2. Criminalize gun control --Missouri St. Rep. Mike Leara' s bill  would make it a crime to propose gun control.

3. Birth control is poison --A bill passing through the Oklahoma legislature would give companies the freedom to excise birth control and abortion from a company's health-care plan.

4. Read Ayn Rand or stay in high school -- A bill that its sponsor, State Sen. John Goedde, eventually withdrew from the Idaho senate that would have  required students to read Atlas Shugged and pass a test  to graduate.   He said he was trying to make a point that  Atlas Shrugged  influenced his son to become a Republican.

5. Make teachers question science - Oklahoma Common Education Act (still in the legislature) that would make it illegal for biology teachers to fail students who write papers against evolution, climate  change and any other theory with nearly 100 pct.  approval by scientists.

All of this is merely an extension of what we've been hearing for some time.  For example, last  April, the Tennessee Senate approved a bill declaring that student hand-holding was  "gateway sexual activity" to be  banned in schools.   Of course, Tennessee was also the site of the Scopes monkey trial.


Anonymous said...
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David Hess said...

Hmmmm. The U.S. Supreme Court has enabled corporations to BUY elections, and now there's a move afoot in Montana to let them VOTE! Then there's the Missouri officeholder who wants to make it a crime to PROPOSE gun-safety rules. How does he square that with the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free speech? Or is the 2nd Amendment the end-all and be-all of our rights? And is the Oklahoma legislature barging into the private decisions of families to decide whether to use contraceptives, or to be able to cover the costs of medically advised terminations of pregnancies? "Stupid" is too slight a word to describe such lunacy. How about "Nuts."

FoxNewsFan84 said...

If an employer has religious or moral objections to birth control and abortion then why should they be forced provide it to their employees? Why is Obama forcing the Catholic church to violate its religious tenets by providing contraception? Whatever happened to freedom?

Just more intolerance from liberals......

Mencken said...

Egregious, as an employer, and I am one, do I have the right to tell my employees that they can't own automatic weapons and vote for evangelical Republicans, even if that violates my deepest held philosophical tenets?

Of course not.

And my tenets are every bit as valid as the Pope's or anyone else's in a free society. That's not intolerance Grege, it's equal justice under the law.

FoxNewsFan84 said...


That comparison is inane even by your standards.

No one is saying that employers should be able to prevent their employees from getting abortions or using birth control. That is ridiculous. What we are saying is that employers should not be forced by the government TO FUND their employees' abortions or birth control. Do you honestly not understand the difference?

Someone needs to remind the Obama adminstration that there is a separation of church and state in this country.