Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lindsey firmly trapped in a bizarro world

Once upon a time when political dissent was only expressed on Capitol Hill by rationally nasty opponents,  we labeled such flareups as high-tempered loyal opposition.  It's different today.  Much different.  There  is a loud and visible gang of elected congressmen who wake up each morning vowing to hate President Obama rather than disagree with him.  It is seeded in the reality that Obama is a black man who has twice defeated politely acceptable Republican candidates that were fully expected to win.  How could this occur in the  white guy's America?  Only people who do the math can offer a persuasive explanation.  That means that if you cannot  defeat Obama on Election Days, you commit yourself to destroying his legacy for generations to come.

So the Masters of Delusion  of the Republican Party remain on the loose on Capitol Hill, just as they were throughout Obama's first term, preparing always for their next visit to Fox News.  And today we have moved Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator and whiner-in-chief,  to the head of that group. His clash with the Milwaukee Chief of Police Edward Flynn at a Senate committee hearing on gun control said little about loyal opposition and quite a bit that he is  becoming more bizarro every day.

Poor, Lindsey.  With the Tea Party and sociopaths on his back, he is left with few options if he intends to win his next election in South Carolina.  Profiles in courage these days are not the stuff of job security in his conservative state.

Hence, Lindsey has described Hillary Clinton as a murderer.  He is adamant against any form of gun control.  His inquisitional  attack on the police chief, which has been filmed-clipped over and over on TV,  was based on his fear that with cutbacks in police budgets, there will be fewer cops on the street to protect folks deprived of their guns.  Speaking from the experience of  law enforcement, the chief riddled Lindsey, not with bullets, but with the everyday knowledge of an officer's life in the trenches.

It got noisy.  But Obama-hate works its ways into all of the president's initiatves from the Masters of Delusion. So may I repeat:  Bizarro!

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