Thursday, February 14, 2013

GOP: Obama socialist, communist, Hitler,Stalin, or what?

There's nothing more effective in advancing the  Republicans toxic mental breakdown than a speech  by President Obama.  An occasion such as the annual  State of the Union address, first administered by Obama in 2009,  has been  the party's proven emetic ever since, although the response  seems to have gotten  even worse this week.  Struggling to find something imaginative to say, Fox News' iconic analysts even questioned the news value of a 102-year-old woman's efforts to vote in Florida.

You sense a pall of desperation over the GOP brood as they resort to their familiar assault weapons as a means of replacing serious policy with quackery.  Even before the speech, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina referred to Hillary Clinton as a murderer and threatened more nastiness on the Benghazi issue.  We should probably excuse this sorrowfully whining  guy because it is being widely reported that he could face a stiff challenge in the Republican primary  from a Ron Paul libertarian loyalist.

Some other expletives  from the Right:

"Dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Obama" (Limbaugh).

"A Castro-like-speech" (Conservative author Mark Levin on Fox)

Obama's gun-control efforts a "disaster":  (Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe)

Obama nominee Chuck Hagel may be on  the payroll of overseas radicals (Texas Sen. Ted Cruz)

Obama is against free enterprise (read: dictator) obsessed with raising taxes (Florida Sen. Marco Rubio)

But none of this rises to a higher intellectual level than Fox News Psychiatrist (honest!) Dr. Keith Ablow,  who unpleasantly accused Obama of being "psychologically predictable".

"He does not surprise." Ablow   opined.  "Having been abandoned as a boy by his father and then his mother, only to then learn that his grandmother feared people of his race, he seems inherently to distrust initiative and intention and to place his trust only in the collective."

Sounds a lot like a reference to a socialist or communist to me.   I wonder how much they pay Ablow to give Fox News such a much-needed soaring sense of panache.  I also wonder whether they'll get around to having him do the 50-minute hour on the  couch for Limbaugh.


Mencken said...

Cornell West topped them all and called Obama a war criminal.

JLM said...

Seeing that Dr. Ablow is a bosom pal of Glenn Beck, his comment does not surprise.

KasichFan84 said...


At least Cornell West is consistent. He accused Bush and Cheney of war crimes and now he is doing the same with Obama because Obama has continued their anti-terror policies.

West's consistency is more than you can say for the majority of left wingers. They accused Bush and Cheney of war crimes but now look the other way even though Obama is essentially Bush 2.0. Actually, Obama is probably worse because even Bush and Cheney didn't use drones to kill American citizens and their children.

Why are liberals such hypocrites when it comes to Guantanamo Bay, indefinite detention, warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act, drones, etc? Are those policies really OK as long as Obama does them?

Mencken said...

If consistancy is so important to you, why not pick a name and run with it?

The logic of your response is so convoluted it's tough to respond . But to assume those on the Left excuse Guantanamo etc, because they still exist under Obama is a huge reach, even for you. And as you might learn one day, all of these issues are a lot harder to stop than they are to start. There are laws and policy in place that can't just discarded by a president, even if they are immoral or flawed. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld created a massive clusterfuck in the Middle East. Improving the situation while Republicans do absolutely nothing just bogs the situation down that much more.

David Hess said...

As one tunes in to the stale and repetitive calumnies of the Obama-haters, one is reminded of the famous comment many years ago by a southern moderate who advised reporters to turn an ear to the racist oratory of Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., as the South Carolina segregationist thundered against a civil rights bill on the Senate floor: "Listen to Ol' Strom out there, you know he really BELIEVES that s..t."