Saturday, June 23, 2012

Romney: If you can't say something bad, cool it

MITT ROMNEY is having trouble dealing with an economy that is creeping upward.  Down in Florida,  Romney's campaign people have told Republican  Gov. Rick Scott to cool it  on boasting that more people have jobs today in the Sunshine State.  For a candidate for whom good economic news is bad news - at least until after the election - Romney must hope that we'll all be on welfare by November in order to  sell his  vague jobs plan to the voters. Next thing you know, he will ask Republicans to stop buying new cars and  homes until you-know-when.

 His position remains as he stated it during the primaries:

 "Of course the economy is getting  better, but Obama made it worse."

So "worse" in Summit County  that home sales were  up 18.5 pct.  and 19 pct. in Ohio over a year ago. During that period  Akron's unemployment dropped from 9.2 pct. to 7.6 and in the county 8.3 pct. down to 6.6 pct.   Those are figures that Team Romney may prefer to discuss in a quiet room.

And another thing, while we're at it:  Does he really think it will be all that helpful to substitute one word for another to avoid suspicion that there is less in his orations than meets the ear?  His campaign has now banished the use of the word "outsourcing" - a killer thought among people who want to keep the jobs in America.  His euphemism of choice is "offshoring". But that sounds like a better fit for rich investors like Romney who keep their mega-accounts in non-taxed offshore vaults.

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David Hess said...

As Romney continues to hope that voters will wallow in a state of amnesia about the root causes and GOP progenitors of the Great Recession, he also persists in grossly exaggerating the incumbent president's "failings" to steer the nation out of the trough of economic despair -- including a preposterous claim that Obama must be held accountable for the loss of 11 million jobs. Meanwhile, as he casts vague and gauzy prescriptions for restoring the economy that simply mimic the same stale nostrums of the latest GOP regime, he basks this week end with 700 or so of his multi-millionaire patrons at a posh Utah resort. There, Mitt has his hand out for more campaign dollars, millions of which are being stashed by anonymous fat cats behind a curtain of secrecy on a ridiculous pretext that revealing the donors would impinge on their freedom of speech. All this would be outrageous, were it not so laughable