Friday, June 15, 2012

Anybody know crude Neil Munro? Thought so.

THE RIGHT-WING white-collar anarchists added a new antihero to their  muddy agenda Friday.  His name is Neil Munro, and if you are keeping a list of the abuses by this gang of  warriors in their attempt to bring down President Obama,  catalog Munro.  His name will disappear from the news  as quickly as it arrived at Obama's Rose Garden announcement of a major change in the rules governing the offspring of illegal aliens.

Munro, a sinister  symbol of the delirium  of the crazies out to destroy Obama,   interrupted the President by calling out  one of the Republicans Golden Oldie questions clearly fashioned for such opportune moments:  "Why do you favor foreigners over Americans?"  Rhetorical, yes. Stupid, yes.

Obama sternly told the guy that it was not acceptable to interrupt a president.

"No you have to take questions!" Munro yelled.   Imagine that - a grandstander with press credentials  attempting to take over the show.  No, my man, a president doesn't have to do what he doesn't want to do - any president!

Well, Obama explained the rules and moved on.    But soon enough the Tea Partiers will be after Munro to  be their after-dinner speaker.

So who is this guy anyway?   Well, he works for Tucker Carlson's blog the Daily Caller.  Carlson is the preppy bow-tied fellow who has been moving around Potomac circles to sell his own hard right agenda.  When asked about Munro's oafish behavior, Carlson said he didn't see anything wrong with it.

In a day when disrespect for a black  man in the Oval Office has burst from open sewers,  Munro  merely advanced  the crude shout of "You lie" by South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson during an Obama address to Congress. And how about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer arriving at the airport for a finger-pointing stunt in Obama's face.

A personal note:  As one who labored through countless speeches by presidents, governors, congressmen and the lot for decades, never once did I hear anybody from the press corps interrupt a speech.   It's not servility, folks, as the Munros would have it.    It is simple courtesy for the office, whether you agree with the speaker or not.   So long, Neil Munro.  It wasn't good to know you.


ScottWalkerFan84 said...

Neil Munro is an idiot and should have his White House press credentials revoked.

That being said, the fact that liberals are trying to inject race into this story like they do with everything else is a bit ridiculous. MSNBC was in full race baiting mode yesterday when talking about Munro.

Grumpy Abe said...

What don't you understand about race? Maybe I can help.

ScottWalkerFan84 said...

I don't understand why liberals continually inject race into stories that have nothing to do with race.

Why is the left so obsessed with race-baiting?

JLM said...

Egregious now loves Scott Walker.

He's so fickle.

Mencken said...

Correct me if I'm wrong Egregious, but wasn't Neil Walker, a conservative, injecting race into the conversation ?

And isn't Tucker Carlson giving preference to an immigrant over an American by hiring Neil Munro, a self-professed immigrant ?

When you troll Egregious, you're not supposed to swallow your own hook.

David Hess said...

Munro is among the loud-mouth critics of the Right whose most familiar tactic is to bully anyone who disagrees with them. Many of them, as you noted, actually get themselves elected to public office, then use the office to outshout the opposition.