Thursday, June 14, 2012

A friendly advisory on Mitt's doughnutgate

AS MITT ROMNEY continues his assault on President Obama for being out-of-touch with the economy, it seems only fair to point out that Mitt  is out of touch with doughnuts.  To the glee of the national  media desperately in need of levity in a weighty world, the Republican candidate came through big-time by failing to identify the beloved pastry  in a campaign photo-op during a sit-down with a few folks.  He might just as well have referred to a hotdog bun  as a Twinkie.

Embarrassing?  Who knows what embarrasses Mitt these days? He says so many things that merit it.  Still,  let me help him out of his problem with doughnutgate.

Mitt, Sir, what you see below is a doughnut:

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David Hess said...

One could equate Mitt's gaffe about the doughnut with his "economic" plan: Glazed with lots of rhetorical sugar but devoid of any substance at the center. It's also pretty stale.