Sunday, June 10, 2012

The rehabbing of Bush's image still isn't working

A new CNN poll named George W. Bush as the least popular of former American living presidents. He was unpopular among 54 pct. of those polled; 43 pct. favored him over the others.

The elder George Bush  received a favorability rating of 59 pct. with 34 pct. voting otherwise.

Jimmy Carter came out on the plus side, 54-30.

That leaves Bill Clinton, who scored a TKO with a popularity rating that soared to 66 pct.  and a negative of only 31 pct.

You have to wonder what the GOP program planners  might be thinking as they set the agenda for the Republican presidential  convention in August.  Unpopularity has never inspired pols to share camaraderie.

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David Hess said... would think that the guy who won approval of the multi-trillion dollar tax cut would be beloved by all. Maybe the trillion-dollar wars (fought with borrowed money), the collapse of the economy (due in part to the Bush administration's laissez-faire neglect of mortgage-banking and financial-industry regulation), the persisting high unemployment (due to the collapsed housing and banking markets), and the running up of trillions in new debt (all owing to the tax cuts, the wars, and the recession) were factors in the popularity rating?