Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Josh Mandel: A dash out the service door

The latest word from the front is a report in the Toledo Blade telllng us that U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel is not keen  on talking shop with reporters.  Not even hello and goodbye.

 How else can we interpret his quick exit through a service door - !!! -when he anticipated  questions about a widely reported snafu in one of his practiced fund-raising efforts. When  we last bore in on  the Republican Whiz Kid's efficacy in raising the staff of political life, he had returned $105, 000 that had arrived via the charitable folks employed by a  Canton donor.

That appears to have occurred only after the FBI became interested in the contributions from  the Suarez Corp. of Canton, whose owner Benjamin Suarez is  always ready pass  on great sums of money to Republicans.   In this instance, one can fairly ask how the checks arrived at Mandel's treasury in equal amounts of $5,000 per employe.

According to the Blade:
"The Mandel campaign declined multiple requests for interviews and failed to respond to written questions for this story.  After a speech in Toledo last Thursday,  Mandel avoided  a Blade reporter and rushed out of the building though a service entrance ."
For Mandel, who happens to be the Ohio Treasurer, something isn't quite right about the evasiveness of a young man who has never hesitated to boast of his service as a Marine in Iraq.  There are things about his repeated leaps to higher political office that aren't quite right for a guy who assures  us that he has the gravitas to replace U.S.Sen. Sherrod Brown,  So far the only  talent he's shown is  his hop-scotching to various fat-cat donors, with some of his financial aid coming from Karl Rove's right-wing multi-million-dollar Crossroads America  fund-raising behemoth.  As we have learned,  Rove and money never sleep.

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David Hess said...

Rove's objective in sluicing funds from fat-cat donors to Republican legislative candidates is transparent. He simply wants to stack the House and Senate with mindless robots who've been wired to resist any effort to expand health care to the millions of uninsured, undo or weaken the oversight of the financial and environmental agencies to lift regulations that impose curbs on free-wheeling banks and massive polluters, manipulate tax policy to enrich the aforementioned fat cats, encourage multinational corporations to continue shipping jobs overseas, and slash federal spending for the poor, education, research, and vocational training while boosting outlays for armaments. All of this is cloaked in soothing rhetoric as designed to reduce the national debt and yearly deficits. These same policies under the last Republican administration contributed, of course, to trillion-dollar deficits and a near-collapse of the nation's economy, from which the country is still struggling. Joshboy would fit in neatly with Rove's puppets.