Friday, May 4, 2012

Romney: Cut unemployment to below 4 pct.

I don't want to be churlish about it, but when McMitt Romney asserts that unemployment should be under 4 pct., the only generously employed group he must have in mind are New York fashion designers who sell Ann Romney $900 t-shirts.  As he put it in his assault on President Obama for 8 pct. unemployment in America, "Anything over 4 pct. is not a cause for celebration.." But as others have  discovered,  we've only celebrated  four times in the last 40 years (The most recent was in 2000 under Bill Clinton - and that was for only five months.)

But anticipating his election, Romney  to the rescue:    "It think it helps to have a job to create a job" - which is a kind of circular reasoning that the guy has often fashioned. The next step is for unemployed college graduates to borrow money from their parents, take risks and open a business.   He told a group in Pittsburgh that he  is confident that he is on the right track because he talks privately with a lot of businessman "in an off-the-record kind of basis".

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